Marketing Research Services
Business Strategy
Planning /Doing

Consumer Specialists offer a range of services in the marketing and business management that are related to marketing and sales.  These services fall into four broad areas.

Marketing  Research

Many business need a better understanding of their customers to improve their performance.  Consumer Specialists has the experts needed to put together research that leads to better decisions and is cost effective. The combination of business management experience and marketing research knowledge allows for projects to be tailored to specific company needs. Click here for more information.

Business Strategy

Good businesses are built on sound strategies.  We can help you deal with a range of interconnected issues and develop a clear, focused strategy that is practical for  your business situation.  Click here for more information.

Analysis and Decision Support

To implement good strategies, you need good information upon which to build your decisions.  We can gather the missing information you need and assemble it with your raw data into a powerful  management decision making tool.  Click here for more information.

Marketing Planning & Implementation

Strategy and the best information all come to life through the right marketing plans and specific program implementation.  We can help you through these critical phases.  Click here for more information.